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GumChucks Flossing Tip Refills

GumChucks Flossing Tip Refills

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What you get: 30 count tip refills Interested in an auto-ship subscription? Subscribe today!
      • COMPATABLE WITH ALL HANDLES | Each pack contains 30 loose disposable flossing tips that are compatible with all of our handles – standard, designer, and ProTech
      • COMFORTABLE & EASY-TO-USE | Our disposable flossing tips are each made with 250 strands of twisted fiber. The high-shred tolerance allows the floss to glide smoothing between teeth and underneath the gum line
      • INNOVATIVE DESIGN | GumChucks Unique two-handled system allows you to create the Dentist-Recommended “C-Shape” technique while flossing
      • TESTED AND APPROVED | A study conducted by the UCLA School of Dentistry determined that children ages 4-9 using GumChucks were more effective at removing plaque in less time than children ages 10-15 using regular floss
      • FASTER FLOSSING | No more cut-off circulation from floss-wrapped fingers! Floss faster between all of your teeth without having to adjust the length and tension of the floss
      • This pack includes 30 refills that can snap onto your existing GumChucks handles.


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DIMENSIONS 3.25 × 0.5 × 6.5 in

GumChucks – Faster, Easier Flossing, Universal Adults/Kids Flossing Tip Refills (30 Count)

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