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GumChucks Starter Pack

GumChucks Starter Pack

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Everything you need to get started on your way to Faster, Easier Flossing! 1 set of GumChucks handles 10 disposable flossing tips GumChucks flossing tips even work for those with braces! Floss braces in under 2 minutes.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN | GumChucks Unique two-handled system allows you to create the Dentist-Recommended “C-Shape” technique while flossing
  • FASTER FLOSSING | No more cut-off circulation from floss-wrapped fingers! Floss faster between all of your teeth without having to adjust the length and tension of the floss.
  • FASTEST FLOSSING TOOL FOR BRACES | No More Threading! GumChucks revolutionizes flossing with braces. The thin extension on the tips allows you to safely and quickly position the floss under the arch wire and between the brackets for effective flossing.
  • IMPROVES DEXTERITY & HYGIENE | Our reusable handles provide better leverage for those with limited dexterity – better dexterity means better control while flossing! Our handles allow you to easily floss back teeth without having to stick your fingers in your mouth.
  • TESTED & APPROVED | An independent study in Portugal aimed to assess patients’ flossing habits showed that 81% of patients rarely or never flossed. After 4 months of using GumChucks, the number of non-flossers plummeted to 26%, indicating that 74% of patients now flossed at least once a day.

GumChucks Floss Starter Pack – Faster, Easier Flossing – Great for Braces – Floss Braces in Under 2 Minutes (10 Tips)

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